Everything is Glutes

Seriously!  Knee injury - glutes. Ankle injury - glutes. Feet problem - glutes. Hip problem - glutes. Shoulder problem - could be glutes. Whaaaa???  We all have them. We sit on them every day. We shut them off. We sit on them more. We don’t pay attention to them. Then we expect them to do a whole bunch of work.  Your glutes are the largest muscles on your body. They are also responsible for initiating and maintaining gait in both walking and running. And, get this, they are responsible for helping you stand!!

Convinced that these are important yet?


Focusing on glutes means we need to also pay attention to the joints that they connect to in including your pelvis and your hips.  Not to mention, for walking and running we need to also pay attention to your visual system, vestibular (balance) system and your proprioception (limbs) systems as a whole unit.

Paying attention to a muscle means we need to build up its strength and we need to integrate its “firing patterns” relative to the rest of the whole unit.  This means that we can do butt exercises all day, but, if we don’t train your brain when and how to use the butt, nothing will change.

The order of glute work:

  1. Joint mobility (pelvis tilts)

  2. Muscle Activation (bridges)

  3. Muscle Strength (deadlift, kettlebell swing)

  4. Repeat in a variety of body postures (hip hinge, hip circles, single leg exercises)

My favorite glute targeting exercises are the pelvis a/p tilts, bridges and hip hinge work. We need to re-introduce your glutes to your brain and help your brain know how to use them.  Doing so relieves pressure off your knees, ankles, feet and yes, shoulders (as shoulders are responsible for assisting in hip swing). So, yes, everything really is glutes. Check out my Youtube channel for my favorite glute exercises!!