Are You Really Hungry (and, how to stop hating your body)

"I can’t stop eating snacks because my company has so much free stuff available."  

"I ate that whole burrito and now I’m ashamed of myself."  

"My body is bigger than it’s ever been and I can’t stop eating the stuff I know I'm not supposed to eat." 



Yuck!  The fuc*ing shame spiral with food.  And, the addiction.  We live in a society that has turned most of us into food addicts.  I eat one cookie and then I can’t stop having one every day.  Breakfast cafe's that serve bagels as breakfast!?  Dammit!  They’re everywhere!  Bread, carbs, refined sugar...We haven't had a balanced breakfast since we were breastfed. 

"I’m stressed, I don’t have any time" so the bagel gets gulped down. Then a sandwich for lunch.  Then never ending snacking.  Then feeling tired and ashamed.  You read somewhere that milk is good for you.  Then you read that milk is bad for you.  Someone tells you to eat toast before you workout.  Then you read that bread is bad. WHAT THE FU*K?!  Here’s the deal, two things are probably happening to you.  One is that you are eating even when you’re body doesn’t really need it, emotional hunger versus physical hunger.  And, you are eating foods that are sending off all sorts of chemical messages that create a pattern of addiction.  Crap food craves more crap food craves even more crap food....UGH!

At Psychology Today, clinical psychologist Jennifer Kromberg writes:

It may sound counterintuitive, but it’s true: hating your body is one of the biggest factors in emotional eating. Negativity, shame, and hatred rarely inspire people to make long-lasting great changes, especially when it comes to our bodies or our sense of self.  Many people tell me they will stop hating their body after they reach their goal weight. I say you have to stop hating your body before you can stop the emotional eating cycle.

Do you need nutrition help as in just a meal plan to follow?  Or, do you need some assistance identifying why you can’t stop eating the way you do?  Do you want to just be ok with your body?  Or, do you need a coach to monitor what you eat - someone you have to check in with on a weekly basis?  Let me help guide you to the right person.



  • I don’t feel that good about myself and can’t get to a place to start eating right for me: Sara Groton, Bee Balanced Wellness, Holistic Eating Consultant (the psych of why I am stuck and why I feel bad)

And, thank you to this counselor for her article (she is another great person to help with the psychology side of emotional eating):


So, there you have it. The very beginning of the nutrition puzzle.  Get ready to learn about the brain/gut connection, hormones, the vagus nerve, neural threat, chronic pain and other topics that affect nutrition.  Dang! Just when you think you have it all figured out.  Don't worry.  I got you.  Just reach out.