Cool Client Story of Success, 2!


Name: Sydney 
Age: 30


RN, Interventional Radiology

Favorite sports team

University of Alabama Crimson Tide


I'm from the Deep South where college football is king. I grew up watching Alabama games, going to tailgates, listening to my mom and grandfather sing the fight song, etc.

Favorite tattoo as an adult?

The quote on my arm is from my favorite book, The Glass Castle. It's about being appreciative of California. I wasn't born here but it's home and I LOVE IT.

How much do you love San Francisco?

It's true love! I've never loved a city so much. I have sacrificed a lot to live here and I don't regret any of it. San Francisco is so good to me!

What was your original goal when you started training?

My original goal was to feel stronger in everyday life. I wanted to feel confident about turning 30.

Has that goal changed? Have you had other goals?

That goal changed when I reached it and realized how much I loved feeling better and being stronger.

I never thought I would be a good runner because I don't like running. But I've seen improvement and it's motivating! My new goals include being a faster, more efficient runner.

What has been your proudest moment during this journey?

I've had so much encouragement from friends and family but my proudest moments are when I feel surprised by myself in the gym. I never thought I would enjoy the gym but I look forward to it for those motivating moments.


What has been the most challenging time during this journey?

The toughest part of this process has been nutrition. Specifically, navigating social situations without negating my progress. Going back home to fried foods, late nights out with friends, or traveling to new places with new foods.. discipline is so important but a constant battle for me.

What is the coolest thing you’ve learned about yourself?

It's been so cool to see/feel my body change! I used to think I couldn't do push-ups.. now I've moved on to pull-ups. I used to think I couldn't run.. now I'm just adding distance. It's amazing when I think of where I started.

What’s next in your health/fitness journey?

I am trying to be the best version of me. That means body fat and muscle goals. Increasing workouts and fine tuning nutrition. (If you wanna get technical::  


My current goals are: 35% body fat at 165lbs, DO A PULL-UP!, and running 3 miles twice a week.)