Super Awesome Shoulder Workout with Neural Warm-up

For most of us humans our backs and legs are fairly strong and we know which exercises to work them (push-ups, bent over rows, squatting, or running), but, our shoulders remain under worked.

A balanced and strong shoulder complex can help relieve neck pain and tension headaches.  Balanced and strong shoulders can decrease shoulder injuries as a result of carrying those way too heavy laptop bags or doing push-ups incorrectly or from anything else that puts your rotator cuff at risk.   And, balanced and strong shoulders can actually help relieve lower back pain by improving your posture by releasing those tight pectoral muscles, straightening your stance.  There’s more! Strong shoulders can actually help you run better, too. Hopefully you understand that creating balance in your shoulder complex is a wicked smart fitness move for many reasons.

The shoulder neural warm-up you’ll see in the video is key to getting your shoulder complex warmed up and moving in all of its positions.  Increasing range of motion in your shoulder joint before you do your shoulder exercises can help you lift heavier and add more reps which will change your shoulder shape.  Think about it - if your shoulder is super tight, you won’t be able to press correctly which means all of those past reps don’t even count. So, warm up your damn shoulders the do the workout.  Check out this video to learn the moves and follow the reps count below.  Have fun!!