A 15 year rugby veteran and ultra-marathon podium making trail enthusiast who has also played semi-competitive co-ed and women’s club soccer, Erin refuses to believe age is a barrier to great health.  Having been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease when they were 19, Erin understands the effects of stress that life can have on your body and being.  Erin has created a program for not just helping clients be more active, but, be happier and manage their nutrition. As a ZHealth Performance specialist, Erin believes in repairing movement dysfunctions by tapping into the body’s central processing unit – the brain.  The Integrated Movement Condition continually has success relieving pain, enhancing movement and advancing the performance of all types of athletes.

A great teammate and coach, Erin has helped elevate all athletes to levels beyond their expectations.  Erin is an optimistic and charismatic partner to all! The Integrated Movement Condition is devoted to helping all people feel better, balance their life and experience more play!


I found myself falling deeper and deeper into physical disrepair.  Pain in my knees, plantar facitis (sp), elbow tendinitis were all combining to reduce my activity level and motivation.  Working with Erin and her focus on both the physical and brain exercises has dramatically improved my motivation and allowed me to be so much more active. 

-Trisha, Brain-Based Fitness Client


“Everything I wanted and more.”

A good friend recommended to go see Erin. I took the first appointment I could get. She did an assessment of my pain and range of motion. The next 60 minutes was for lack of a better word, MAGIC.

— Julie, Brain-Based Fitness Client


After dealing with Lyme and vertigo for several months, I wanted to get back into working out in a safe, gradual way. Working with Erin has reduced lingering symptoms and has improved my overall quality of life. She's an awesome person and someone I trust with my body!  

— Kevin, Brain-Based Fitness Client

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