Customized Sessions


Each personal fitness and performance session is customized to YOUR needs.  Equal parts brain and body training structured to help you move more efficiently.  Decrease pain, rehabilitate injuries of any age, lose weight, get healthier, stronger and happier while enjoying your training.  The IM Condition will help you move and feel better. Perform at your best by working with the WHOLE you, not just one part.

Benefits of Fitness & Performance:

  • Customized to your lifestyle

  • Brain-based movement drills

  • Progressive Programming

  • Fun and effective

  • Coaching versus training

  • Nutrition guidance

  • Goal specific

  • Short term and long term plans



Frequently Asked Questions


Fitness & Performance in Brain-Based Fitness world

How is this different from traditional personal training?

Is Fitness & Performance
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"I have crohn's disease and as an extension often develop debilitating inflammatory arthritis. Since seeing Erin, her strength training exercises and fitness regimen have taken me from 10+ joint drains a year to less than 3, I am stronger, fitter, healthier and a better mother, wife, friend, employee and athlete." - Katie. F&P Client

"For the very start Erin was efficient in learning my own personal fitness goals and we stared right away in working towards those outcomes. Now several months later I don't think I could have achieved 90% if what I have without her guidance and help. She's an amazing teacher and a hell of a human!" - Blaine, F&P Client

"Erin's passion for her work helped me get moving again. Thanks to Erin, I'm fitter, happier, and more active. She inspired me to get outdoors more, and I went from hiking around my apartment to hiking 10-mile trails." - John W. F&P Client