Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

As an amateur distance runner, I proactively searched for a coach to help me get to my first 50k ultramarathon. After speaking with a few ultra coaches over the phone, Erin's enthusiasm, vote of confidence, experience and flexibility won me over, and her training has been EVERYTHING to help me achieve my first ever ultra distance! Though we started with remote coaching (which by the way worked perfectly for me as a busy professional), I had the luck of actually meeting with her in SF a couple times. Erin taught me beyond the scope of what I expected to learn: training schedules, recovery, conditioning, breathing, food, silly questions on which trails are best/funnest/safest to run. I am unfortunately taking a break now but I look forward to working with Erin again for my next ultra - and would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking a top coach and amazing attitude.

— Melissa, Running

I feel so grateful to have found Erin. I was trying to find someone who doesn't just take whatever certification programming they were taught and then plug-and-play it with everyone who comes in the door. Erin is basically the opposite of that approach. She really takes the time to look at the whole picture of me every time I come in, from lifestyle to environment to neurology to physiology. I appreciate the creativity and flexibility of her approach. If I didn't sleep or eat well, she can tell. If I have something hurting, she can help. If I am over-stressed, she can give me an outlet. Somehow she weaves everything into an integrated plan  qualitative and quantitative measures so I can see and feel my progress. On top of that, she is so freaking kind, genuine, and encouraging. I could go on, but really just give her a call and see for yourself what a treasure Erin is!

— Emily, Brain-Based Fitness Injury

I found myself falling deeper and deeper into physical disrepair.  Pain in my knees, plantar facitis (sp), elbow tendinitis were all combining to reduce my activity level and motivation.  Working with Erin and her focus on both the physical and brain exercises has dramatically improved my motivation and allowed me to be so much more active. 

— Trisha, Brain-Based Fitness Injury


A good friend recommended to go see Erin. I took the first appointment I could get. She did an assessment of my pain and range of motion. The next 60 minutes was for lack of a better word, MAGIC.

— Julie, Brain-Based Fitness Client

After dealing with Lyme and vertigo for several months, I wanted to get back into working out in a safe, gradual way. Working with Erin has reduced lingering symptoms and has improved my overall quality of life. She's an awesome person and someone I trust with my body!  

— Kevin, Brain-Based Fitness Injury

Erin is a fantastic movement coach and trainer that will tailor a personalized routine to your needs. She has an awesome heart and cares about all her clients. Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a movement coach!.

— David. Fitness & Performance


As a 47yo you would think it would be time to hang up my rugby boots and call it a day but not when you have Erin as a trainer. I hate saying "trainer" because as so many have already put in their reviews she is so much more. Her work on your brain functions as well as muscles and connective tissue really are more than just training. She is the real deal when it comes to this stuff. I started seeing Erin over 8 years ago and every time I think its time to hang up my boots she always reminds me that age is just a number. In fact, I have worked with her to prep for 3 international rugby tournaments. With her amazing personality and even better program, she has shown me that I can play this game as long as I want. That age doesn't have to slow you down and you can be an amazing athlete at any age. Recently I had a somewhat serious injury I thought was going to end my season but after a lot of work and patience, she was able to get me back on my feet and playing again. In the end, I didn't just get back to where I was that next match was one of my best ever.  If you are hesitant about seeing a trainer give Erin a try. She is really a wonderful person who loves her clients and craft and more than excels at it.

— Stew. Brain-Based Fitness and Performance

I first met Erin during personal training classes at Crunch 5 years ago. She's been an inspiration to me every since. I love running and Erin's program was a clear choice to try and get me to the next level. I am glad to have a coach like Erin. Her training has been great for these main reasons.

  1. She created a workout plan that is specific to my level and goals. She carefully fine tunes the plan on a ongoing basis.  

  2. She keeps it real when it comes to goal setting, separation of signal from noise which helped me focus.

  3. She understood patterns of highs and lows as my training went on to provide deep insights and actionable feedback.

  4. She is super approachable and highly inspiring.

  5. She is great at motivating me and showing how to push my limits.

We are all natural runners, but to have more fun running, go longer, faster and keep injuries at bay -- a coach like Erin is what you need. — Suman. Running

Erin is a top-notch trainer.  I have been working with personal trainers for over 10 years and Erin is definitely the very best.   She is professional, goal oriented, supportive, knows how to motivate, and is fun! she is a high recommend!

— Tammy. Fitness & Performance


For the very start Erin was efficient in learning my own personal fitness goals and we stared right away in working towards those outcomes. Now several months later I don't think I could have achieved 90% if what I have without her guidance and help. She's an amazing teacher and a hell of a human!

— Blaine, F&P Client

Erin's passion for her work helped me get moving again. Thanks to Erin, I'm fitter, happier, and more active. She inspired me to get outdoors more, and I went from hiking around my apartment to hiking 10-mile trails.

— John W. F&P Client

Erin has trained me and 15 of my teammates a couple of times now.  She put together a great workout to focus on endurance and a quick first step all the while understanding that women's bodies are different. Her enthusiasm is infectious.  I would and will recommend her to both novice and more serious athletes.

— Julie. Fitness & Performance


About 6 months ago, I confided in my manager that I wanted to run my first marathon and was considering hiring a running coach and trainer to help. His eyes lit up instantly and said "I got the right person for you!"

A couple days later, Erin and I met at the gym. Maybe it's our east coast personalities with our no-bullshit approach to things, but we hit it off instantly. She's such a kind and positive person, it's hard not to love her!

Erin enthusiasm and care is evident with every client. I have felt challenged and supported everyday and she thrives when her clients meet their goals. While I appreciate the physical changes and strength I have developed over the past couple months, it's been the mental and emotional strides that have meant the most to me.

I am a pretty competitive person by nature and when I was in the thick of my marathon training, I lost all confidence in my abilities to successfully complete the race. She listened to my doubts and quickly, without hesitation, said to me "You got this!" After every session, I leave feeling empowered and ready to take on the world!

I can't thank Erin enough for all of the support, encouragement and coaching. My race is only a few short weeks away and regardless of what happens, I am so grateful for how far I've come in such a short timeframe.

Erin's the best and I would highly recommend her to anyone. - Jess, Performance and Running