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As an amateur distance runner, I proactively searched for a coach to help me get to my first 50k ultramarathon. After speaking with a few ultra coaches over the phone, Erin's enthusiasm, vote of confidence, experience and flexibility won me over, and her training has been EVERYTHING to help me achieve my first ever ultra distance! Though we started with remote coaching (which by the way worked perfectly for me as a busy professional), I had the luck of actually meeting with her in SF a couple times. Erin taught me beyond the scope of what I expected to learn: training schedules, recovery, conditioning, breathing, food, silly questions on which trails are best/funnest/safest to run. I am unfortunately taking a break now but I look forward to working with Erin again for my next ultra - and would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking a top coach and amazing attitude.

— Melissa, Run Coaching

I feel so grateful to have found Erin. I was trying to find someone who doesn't just take whatever certification programming they were taught and then plug-and-play it with everyone who comes in the door. Erin is basically the opposite of that approach. She really takes the time to look at the whole picture of me every time I come in, from lifestyle to environment to neurology to physiology. I appreciate the creativity and flexibility of her approach. If I didn't sleep or eat well, she can tell. If I have something hurting, she can help. If I am over-stressed, she can give me an outlet. Somehow she weaves everything into an integrated plan  qualitative and quantitative measures so I can see and feel my progress. On top of that, she is so freaking kind, genuine, and encouraging. I could go on, but really just give her a call and see for yourself what a treasure Erin is!

— Emily, Brain-Based Fitness Injury

I found myself falling deeper and deeper into physical disrepair. Pain in my knees, plantar fascitis (sp), elbow tendinitis were all combining to reduce my activity level and motivation. Working with Erin and her focus on both the physical and brain exercises has dramatically improved my motivation and allowed me to be so much more active. 

Erin is amazing, here's my story of how she got me back to where I needed to be in 10 weeks...from no running to doing intense half marathon trail runs...and how she kept me on track through a serious injury which could have derailed me for good...*I highly recommend Erin for any athlete looking for a committed and personal coach, you have a goal?  She can get you there... *

The story...

My goal was to get back to my old self, the one that likes to run, be in shape, make progress against goals and have races to look forward to....and then spend the time analyzing my performance, comparing to past times and goals...But that guy?  My old self? He split a year and half ago and some dude who likes fast food, beer and bad TV moved in (although I like his taste in sports, we did a lot of that). I fought back. I signed up for an impossibly difficult 1/2 marathon, untrained with only 10 weeks to prepare...somehow Erin's info appeared, through a link or some such and I reached out.

I was so impressed. Erin gave me a bullet proof plan to get in shape, get trained, and get competitive in 10 weeks.  The plan was adaptive, combining stretching, distance, hill work, recovery growing with each week.  She would check in and I would share the progress. Everything was great, I had my confidence all looked so good.  But this plan wasn't easy mind you, it was a shock to my system at first but I grew into it and the progress was almost immediate.  What was great about it was that this was my plan, one that Erin built based on an assessment of my capabilities and current depleted state...and it was working!

Then I broke my toe.  This is where having a coach is a very good thing.  Instead of just hanging up the kicks like I may have done if I was just doing my own thing, I talked it through with Erin, who gave me recovery tips and guidance.  I monitored the pain, recovery, impact when running, and because it was a ring toe I found I could run through the pain...a little at first, but within two weeks i was back on track...I'm sure I would have fallen off the plan and canceled the race if not for Erin. In the end I did that race and it kicked my ass in a good way. Thank you, Coach Erin!

— Jason Jones, Run Coaching

Erin is an athlete, a teacher and a guide. We worked out today after 6 months together, just about once a week. I noticed again how gently she nudges me towards a healthier lifestyle without any shame or blame -- just a firm and loving reminder of who I want to be. Over the last months we've worked out in 2 different gyms on a very flexible schedule to accommodate my own and every workout is different!  My body has grown new muscles in places I didn't even know I had :)

And once, when I pulled a muscle (my fault, I got distracted) she pulled out this voodoo neurology shit on me. The pain was in my lower left back and she had me do something like a tai chi arm sweep movement with my right hand. The pain disappeared! She gave me a few other moves to do over the next 24 hours every few hours if it came back.

Bottom line: if you're looking for a practicing athlete who regularly runs 50 milers, is educated enough about the body (and mind) to expertly guide your growth and is gentle enough to keep you feeling positive and motivated then Erin is your new personal trainer.

— Sherif, Fitness & Performance

A good friend recommended to go see Erin. I took the first appointment I could get. She did an assessment of my pain and range of motion. The next 60 minutes was for lack of a better word, MAGIC.

I've been working with Erin for almost 2 years now and cannot say enough amazing things about her and the experience of working with her. I have Crohn's disease and as an extension often develop debilitating inflammatory arthritis. Since seeing Erin, her strength training exercises and fitness regimen have taken me from 10+ joint drains a year to less than 3. I am stronger, fitter, healthier, and a better mother, wife, friend, employee, and athlete. Her expertise in all things fitness and health are ineffable. Seeing Erin is the best money and time I can spend on practically anything. Go see her, now!

— Katie, Brain-Based Fitness Injury

If you're looking for a personal trainer, Erin is your girl!

I began my own personal fitness journey about six months ago. Having felt pretty confident about the way I was eating and the minimal exercise I was doing on my own - I plateaued.

Erin allowed me to move past that plateau by;

  1. Creating a goal outside of just the scale.

  2. Correcting the way I was eating - though again, I was eating healthy and much less than I ever had in my life. It was more about conscious eating; protein, calories (working for you and not against you), alternative snacks and etc.

  3. Continually motivating me through email, text and constant contact.

  4. Generally being observant of both exercise and eating.

  5. Lastly, I absolutely LOVE that we use my fitness app, so that we can both take a look at it and she can advise me.

One more thing, she does everything - from training to speaking to you with kindness and care. She's amazing!

— Gloria, Fitness & Performance

After dealing with Lyme and vertigo for several months, I wanted to get back into working out in a safe, gradual way. Working with Erin has reduced lingering symptoms and has improved my overall quality of life. She’s an awesome person and someone I trust with my body! 

Erin is a true professional who provides not only excellent value to her clients, but truly cares about their progress and well-being. As a lifelong athlete, I was impressed by her knowledge of not only the physical aspect of fitness, but the body-mind connection as well. I worked with her for 5 sessions as a way to improve my overall fitness and get to the next level in my sport. After a careful assessment, she provided me with a solid plan to follow, and was diligent between sessions to check in with me and assess my progress--as well as adjusting the plan along the way (as can happen with any of us who are in various stages of training).

During each session, she was fully engaged as to how my body was working the entire way--not just counting the reps and using a cookie-cutter routine as I've seen some trainers do. She answered all of my questions, and provided lots of information, exercises and advice on how to stay injury free. As a result of working with her, I feel that I now have a road map. And I have gotten stronger as well. During the sessions, she was fun, positive, personable and genuine. I was impressed that she didn't try to "sell" me on services I didn't need--virtually unlike any other trainer I have come across. In summary, I have the greatest respect for Erin and what she does. So if you're looking for a trainer, look no further--she's the real deal.

— Kristine, Run Coaching

UNCONDITIONAL POSITIVE SUPPORT! I've been working with Erin since January and have noticed dramatic changes in my strength and stamina.  As a seasoned runner who has experienced many setbacks, I was looking for support to improve the quality of my running as well as balance out my training plan.  Erin developed a plan workable with my very complicated schedule and has helped me stay focused and motivated. She is unconditionally positive in her feedback, which inspires me to keep moving even when I'm feeling discouraged. I'm noticing how strong my upper body feels and how mobile my back and hips feel, even after longer runs.  Adding the neural emphasis to the biomechanical work is definitely bringing me up to the next level. If you are looking for expertise AND bedside manner, Erin is the right person for you. Wherever you are, she can help you become better.

— Lisa V, Performance and Run Coaching

Erin is a fantastic movement coach and trainer that will tailor a personalized routine to your needs. She has an awesome heart and cares about all her clients. Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a movement coach!.

As a 47yo you would think it would be time to hang up my rugby boots and call it a day but not when you have Erin as a trainer. I hate saying "trainer" because as so many have already put in their reviews she is so much more. Her work on your brain functions as well as muscles and connective tissue really are more than just training. She is the real deal when it comes to this stuff. I started seeing Erin over 8 years ago and every time I think its time to hang up my boots she always reminds me that age is just a number. In fact, I have worked with her to prep for 3 international rugby tournaments. With her amazing personality and even better program, she has shown me that I can play this game as long as I want. That age doesn't have to slow you down and you can be an amazing athlete at any age. Recently I had a somewhat serious injury I thought was going to end my season but after a lot of work and patience, she was able to get me back on my feet and playing again. In the end, I didn't just get back to where I was that next match was one of my best ever.  If you are hesitant about seeing a trainer give Erin a try. She is really a wonderful person who loves her clients and craft and more than excels at it.

— Stew, Brain-Based Fitness and Performance

I first met Erin during personal training classes at Crunch 5 years ago. She's been an inspiration to me every since. I love running and Erin's program was a clear choice to try and get me to the next level. I am glad to have a coach like Erin. Her training has been great for these main reasons.

  1. She created a workout plan that is specific to my level and goals. She carefully fine tunes the plan on a ongoing basis.  

  2. She keeps it real when it comes to goal setting, separation of signal from noise which helped me focus.

  3. She understood patterns of highs and lows as my training went on to provide deep insights and actionable feedback.

  4. She is super approachable and highly inspiring.

  5. She is great at motivating me and showing how to push my limits.

We are all natural runners, but to have more fun running, go longer, faster and keep injuries at bay -- a coach like Erin is what you need.

— Suman, Run Coaching

Erin is a top-notch trainer. I have been working with personal trainers for over 10 years and Erin is definitely the very best. She is professional, goal oriented, supportive, knows how to motivate, and is fun! she is a high recommend!

First and foremost, Erin is an amazing human being. She radiates positivity. From our first session, Erin worked closely with me to achieve my fitness goals. She pushes her clients, but never to the point of no return. Her workouts are exciting, never boring, and they engage you mentally and physically. As others here have mentioned, I struggled with finding the motivation to exercise. Erin's passion for her work helped me get moving again. Thanks to Erin, I'm fitter, happier, and more active. She inspired me to get outdoors more, and I went from hiking around my apartment to hiking 10-mile trails. Put simply: Erin is the best! I can't recommend her enough for your personal fitness journey.

— John W, Fitness & Performance

Erin is a fantastic trainer for so many reasons. First, she is actually an athlete, so she "walks the walk" of her training sessions. She is constantly learning new techniques and taking in new ideas to add flare to your sessions. She is upbeat and excited about movement. Training with her is actually fun!  Second, probably related to the above, Erin can think and respond quickly to all kinds of situations. If whatever she has planned for you isn't quite right for whatever condition you're in that day (such as, "I think I'm getting a cold," or, "I feel dizzy," or, "I'm exhausted"), she will adapt instantly, and you will leave feeling better than when you came in for your session. Third, she is safe and highly skilled. I came in to see her originally with a chronic neck injury. I was frustrated because every kind of exercise I tried seemed to exacerbate my neck pain, and I was at a loss for what to do. Erin trained my body step by step to increase strength and support the health of my neck, until I was suddenly doing things I didn't know I could actually do! She continues to monitor my neck situation, adapting each session to meet me exactly where I am each day, and checking in with me to make sure her sessions are in line with my goals. As if all of that is not enough, Erin is an incredibly caring and friendly person, and an impeccable professional. I highly recommend working with Erin!

— Erin Merk, Fitness & Performance

Erin has trained me and 15 of my teammates a couple of times now. She put together a great workout to focus on endurance and a quick first step all the while understanding that women’s bodies are different. Her enthusiasm is infectious. I would and will recommend her to both novice and more serious athletes.

About 6 months ago, I confided in my manager that I wanted to run my first marathon and was considering hiring a running coach and trainer to help. His eyes lit up instantly and said "I got the right person for you!" A couple days later, Erin and I met at the gym. Maybe it's our east coast personalities with our no-bullshit approach to things, but we hit it off instantly. She's such a kind and positive person, it's hard not to love her! Erin enthusiasm and care is evident with every client. I have felt challenged and supported everyday and she thrives when her clients meet their goals. While I appreciate the physical changes and strength I have developed over the past couple months, it's been the mental and emotional strides that have meant the most to me.

I am a pretty competitive person by nature and when I was in the thick of my marathon training, I lost all confidence in my abilities to successfully complete the race. She listened to my doubts and quickly, without hesitation, said to me "You got this!" After every session, I leave feeling empowered and ready to take on the world! I can't thank Erin enough for all of the support, encouragement and coaching. My race is only a few short weeks away and regardless of what happens, I am so grateful for how far I've come in such a short timeframe. Erin's the best and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

- Jess, Performance and Running

Working with Erin has been life-changing for me. I have always hated working out. I considered it tedious, unfulfilling and I was always impatient to see results and therefore gave up before the benefits of working out became clear. Erin changed all that. We've been working together three months in a row now, and I've never been stronger or more agile.

What I love about Erin is her cheerful personality, her sense of humor, and her commitment to making sure that I fulfill my potential. Another thing that I absolutely love about Erin is the way that she treats the mind and body as a whole system. I came into our workouts with a very "I just want perfect arms and a perfect butt" kind of mentality, but Erin insisted that we work on everything: posture, flexibility, strength in other areas, etc. I resisted at first, but then I realized that Erin is right: by focusing on the entire body and improving everything incrementally, you can make even more progress in specifically-targeted areas than you thought was possible, while improving things you didn't even realize were broken along the way.

Thanks to Erin, I always stand up tall, and I can wear anything I want. I'm more toned, flexible and strong than ever before, and I absolutely love working out every day. I was a total couch potato before we started working together, and now I work out even on days when we don't see each other. Erin is very attentive to me as I do my workouts, and very helpful in correcting my form and also making sure that I don't cop out by doing an exercise in an easier way than it was designed, a bad habit of mine that I've been able to correct under Erin's mentorship.

We always have a fun time working together, and Erin has been empathetic, encouraging, kind and helpful every step of the way. AND, she has great taste in music. What more could you want from a coach? So grateful to be working with Erin and looking forward to many more intense workout sessions!

— Nadya, Fitness & Performance

For the very start Erin was efficient in learning my own personal fitness goals and we stared right away in working towards those outcomes. Now several months later I don’t think I could have achieved 90% if what I have without her guidance and help. She’s an amazing teacher and a hell of a human!

Erin is wonderful.  I'm fortunate to have had a past life that let me train at facilities around North America and Europe.  Erin holds her own with those trainers I've encountered at top level facilities and as an extra bonus she has an actual personality too!  We've been working together for a couple of months now and our sessions are always tailored to my overall need, with plenty of feedback and encouragement provided.  A good combination of body weight, movement and resistance based exercises, which is often me resisting having to do the last few reps. I've even been forced to actually use the TRX Suspension Trainer that's been hanging in my loft for the last year as a mostly decorative piece.  I'd have no hesitation in recommending Wicked Training SF to any individual or group looking to both set and achieve their fitness goals, Erin will help you get there wicked fast.

— Simon, Fitness & Performance

After playing team sports my whole life and then getting sidelined by a recurring ankle injury, as well as work and life changes, fitness was not a priority for me and my motivation to exercise was depleted.  I was stuck in the mud and getting back on track was a struggle, triggering old injuries in my futile attempts to exercise and facing the reality that I'm not as strong/fast/fit as I had been really brought my motivation down further.  I felt overwhelmed and knew I needed a solid trainer that I could trust, who could work with my past injuries from rugby and soccer, in particular ankle instability, and advise/inspire/encourage me to make fitness a priority again.

Erin was just what I needed---she has a positive attitude and oodles of energy, and was able to work with both my old ankle injury and overall lack of fitness to help me improve my balance and stability, as well as build core strength.  Erin worked with my self-identified goals and pushed me to go further than I thought I could every session. She was also able to adjust on the fly to work with whatever might be sore or strained during that session, and provide instructions on what to do on my own so I could recover faster.  

This complimented my efforts to run a few times a week between sessions, and in due time it has made a big difference!  After running in a couple 5Ks, I'm planning to run a half-marathon for the first time in March and I know I would still be stuck in the mud, without Erin providing her expertise and overall awesomeness.  So if you're looking for a trainer who truly cares about health and fitness, knows her sh*t, and can tune in to help you overcome whatever is in the way of reaching your goals, then you should check her out!

— Meagan, Fitness & Performance

Erin is the best trainer I’ve worked with. I highly recommend working with her to get to your ultimate goal of fitness. She has a great workout program , great attitude and always makes sure your giving your best. I had a very uplifting and positive experience. I hope and encourage anyone who is looking for the right trainer to meet those fitness goals to contact her. Thanks again Erin!

I started training with Erin during a weekly workout group about 2 years ago. I quickly signed up to do weekly one-on-one sessions with her because of her infectious exuberance. Over the last two years working with her, we've used a variety of modalities to keep me exercising; from emailed workout homework to integrated workout apps, to wearable fitness trackers. She's really open to trying new technology and finding what fits for each client. She's been awesome with me - I love to try new things and my preferences change on the regular.

I'm 31 presently and I think that I'm in the best shape I've been since I played in varsity sports in high school. This is entirely due to Erin's influence. Even at the saddest and most stressful points over the last two years, Erin has motivated me to workout and stay active (even if it's only for that one day a week that I see her). She's caring and understanding and a joy to be around. She offers a very personalized experience and I always look forward to seeing her and catching up, even knowing I will surely dissolve into a puddle of sweat in front of her.

One more thing, the importance of which I can't stress enough, Erin is highly knowledgeable about reducing injury burden on the body. She adapts her workouts in the moment to reduce strain on old and new injuries as they make themselves known. Her foundation in anatomy and physiology is impressive and she provides creative workouts aimed at strengthening injured and weakened areas and preventing future injury. This skill alone is enough for me to widely recommend her. Add in all of her other amazing qualities as a coach and advocate and it's easy to see why I've committed to see her weekly for the past two years!

— Liz, Fitness & Performance

Erin is an unstoppable force of good energy, meaningful coaching, and journey-oriented in her training regime. Training with her always makes me feel mentally ready for the week and challenges ahead. After years of trying out different classes, 6 week stents and every other kind of fitness routine possible- I finally decided it was time to get a personal trainer & met Erin! I read the long but genuine reviews on Yelp and can't believe I'm writing one myself after working together for the past 4 months going on 5 now! FWIW, I had considered myself pretty organized and realistic in my exercise routine...until I met Erin and learned how to really target areas of strength development I was lacking.

My biggest goal was to be competent working with free weights and machines at a gym. I've always skipped out on my upper body and core strength-favoring the good old treadmill (at a low incline and light speed) because the free weights and machines were always used by the big guys at any gym I ever joined. After training with her and finally getting a gym membership (that I now use often!), I can confidently use all machines and free weights without any fear or anxiety. I finally understand what machines and weights to use for specific muscle groups. My time at the gym is effective and my mind is focused instead of being distracted and stressed trying to "look right" at the gym. The learnings have allowed me to try new things at the gym safely and confidently- something I'd never experienced before! Even though the gym continues to be busy with big dudes (that alone can be intimidating!), I feel 100% confident about my game plan when I walk in- my stress no longer stems from a lack of understanding. Hands down, training with her has given me confidence and respect for my mental healthy and physical body.

She is full of encouragement, great stories, and genuinely concerned about my overall fitness journey. She is upfront and honest about getting results while explaining how we can achieve this realistically and sustainably. Our workout sessions, through mainly focused on the physical training aspects has helped me tremendously in my approach to a demanding job, and the day to day stressful aspects of living in a big and busy city. Her own love for personal growth, commitment to live well, and her dog is a reflection of the training experience you'll get if you train with Erin. She's approachable and real- unlike many of the personal trainers I contacted while on my search for the right trainer for me. I am inspired by her approach to life and self-awareness, you will not be disappointed!

— Kim Ho, Fitness & Performance

Erin has been my PT for two years. she has given me a whole new outlook on fitness and health. her workouts are nothing short of a bitch, but i love it this way and she knows it!!! the convenience is amazing; we meet at a field a couple of blocks from my office and get our workout on. its convenient in that i don’t have to be gone from the office too long...this was my first spin into hiring a personal trainer- and best move i have made in the health arena in decades...

My story is the same as most: I tried gym memberships, boot camps, classes, etc. I could never stick to anything. I never got excited about working out. But then... ERIN! The first time I talked to Erin, I described a time in college when I actually enjoyed exercise. Since then, Erin has made every effort to recreate workouts that remind me of when I loved working out. I get excited to workout with Erin. Spoiler alert: she's fun! She's always smiling. And it's not that fake trainer motivation smile. I actually LAUGH during workouts! Sessions with Erin are always interesting, never monotonous. I never thought I would be someone who missed working out- but I miss workouts with E when I'm out of town. Her schedule is accessible and she is always easy to get in touch with. She is meticulously professional and incredibly understanding.

Commitment and consistency were the biggest obstacles for me but Erin has made it so much less painful. The gym she uses in SF is great- clean, good music and never too crowded. Most importantly- no douchebags! Erin is definitely worth every second and every penny I've spent. Feeling this much better physically and mentally is priceless.

— Sydney, Fitness & Performance

Let me set the scene first. I'm a lifelong athlete (from elite programs when I was younger, to weekend warrior these days); I've had my share of injuries, including a serious knee injury; I, myself am a trainer, but had lost the spark for working out (a combo of injuries, life, boredom with workouts... sound familiar?!) I had worked alongside Erin many years ago, and she came back into my life at the right time. I've always believed in coaching, I just had to find the right person.

Here's why I love working with Erin:

  • She's knows her shit. Sometimes my back plays up and we need to change what we're doing.

  • I learn something every time we work out.

  • I had a serious knee injury, but still wanted to get back to playing the sport that I love-- Erin's Z-health, neural training and strength work has single handedly got my strength back and the confidence to play and run in anyway I want.

  • I get to feel like a serious athlete again, not just a weekend warrior.

She's gives a shit. She knows exactly when to push me, and exactly when to back off. She delivers programs that keep me engaged and wanting more (as I trainer I know ALL of the excuses and delay tactics... Erin doesn't let me get away with any of them!) She also cares about what is going on in my life outside of the gym, which is important to me. When I needed other guidance (ie nutrition, massage, chiro), she knew where to send me, and made sure I followed through! Finally, she is the shit! Erin is my go-to for my movement and fitness needs. I couldn't recommend her more!

— Milli, Brain-Based Fitness Injury

Erin has been extremely helpful. Endless knowledge, I feel like a new person. I highly recommended coming here. I have have had issues with my knee for as long as I can remember as well as issues from breaking both my elbows.  Erin has truly made a difference in how I move and approach movement be for exercise or daily life. Her understanding of the body and the brain have wowed me. The simplest of movements put into practice have made tremendous gains in mobility and comfort. I had know idea how much I needed this knowledge and practice.

This summer I had a pretty bad knee scare.  I play a full contact sport called Australian Rules Football. I took a pretty hard tackle and landed on my knee with not only my body weight but someone else's too.  I was scared and assume the worst. An ultrasound, x-ray and MRI later, I had a severe sprain. There nothing the doctors could do at that point. Just let it heal. 4 weeks passed it I was not any better.  I could not bend my knee. It was beyond challenging to use the restroom and get in and out of the tub. It was if my knee was just locked.

A good friend recommended to go see Erin. I took the first appointment I could get. She did an assessment of my pain and range of motion. The next 60 minutes was for lack of a better word, MAGIC. After a series of movements and adjustments my knee was not only "unlocked", but I had enough rage of motion back to use the restroom without falling on the toilet!  Erin gave me homework and we scheduled a follow up appointment. After the next session, I was BACK. My squats never looked better. Erin's understanding of how all our body parts and mind are connected is incredible. She got me back moving to my normal level of activity in just 2 weeks. Thank you for what you do! Proof this works!

— Julie, Brain-Based Fitness Injury

I suffered a severe medial tibial plateau fracture and MCL tear last September and had undergone a surgery, ended up with 1 metal plate and 7 screws. After I graduated from one-year weekly physical therapy sessions to regain range of motion of knee and some basic knee functions, my physical therapists recommended that I start to work with a personal trainer for more guided transitioning trainings to continue regaining full knee functions and build body strength in general.  

Given my injury and specific training goals, I reached out to Erin based on a number of great reviews on her training method. I have been working with her since July this year and she is nothing but amazing. Not only is she super fun and motivating, she is also very patient and knowledgeable. I appreciate that she individualized the training program that is both effective and while not being disadvantageous to me. The sessions are fun and also challenging. After my sessions with her for the last few months, I already feel that I am stronger, and I lost a few pounds and became more toned.  I can also walk better and more normally and use my body and muscles more correctly, which means a lot to me (for someone who sit in a wheelchair and lost the ability of walk for months)! In particular, I really like her approach of focusing on helping me reconnect my brain with my body and muscle and re-establish neuromuscular control of my leg and knee, which is very crucial to my recovery process and which has really made a big difference for me. Because of this injury coupled with soft tissue and nerve damages, I have been having a hard time engaging certain muscles during exercises. It is hard to train or strengthen certain muscles when you almost don’t feel their existence. Erin takes a holistic approach, used tools and designed both workout and stretching exercises to help my brain reconnect with my lost muscles and teach my brain to guide my body movement better! This has really made my training more effective. When I visited my physical therapies for status check and explained the sessions that Erin did with me, my physical therapists were also very appreciative of Erin’s unique brain based fitness and training approach. Also, I still experience pains with certain knee movements, but Erin has been able to work around it and design different workouts to avoid the pain without comprising the training goals.  Overall, it's been a great experience working with her!

— Linda Na Du, Brain-Based Fitness Injury

I LOVE WORKING OUT WITH ERIN. She’s the only one I would get up for at 5am to make an early morning training session. She’s a ball of energy that early in the morning & it’s contagious! Spent a few months getting my back into shape, with special care around a bad knee. Since that kick start I’ve gone on to run 3 1/2 marathons. If you want someone who can put together a great workout with special care  to who you are & what you need. ... grab some time with Erin, your butt will thank you!

— Stephanie, Performance and Running

Let me start off by saying this- I use Yelp quite often, however have only written one other review, in 2013!  I am back to write a very deserving review. I highly recommend Erin for your fitness and workout needs!  Erin has plans for workouts, pushes you appropriately, and keeps any injuries in mind.  She is always happy and makes the workouts fun. Workout and fun in the same sentence, yep... that's Erin!!!  She developed a work out plan to allow me to workout with my girlfriend; again, making it fun, and maybe a little competitive from time to time.

Erin has been more than flexible in adjusting days/times to fit with an ever-changing work schedule and other commitments. She is professional, extremely responsive and follows through as promised.  She is diet and health conscious, offering tips and conversation.The gym on Folsom is clean, offers new equipment, and good people. Give Erin a shot, you won't be disappointed!

— Cassie, Fitness & Performance

Erin has been my trainer on an off for 5 years, and the "off" was only because she moved away for a little while in the middle.  I cannot recommend her highly enough! It started with me approaching 30 and realizing that I didn't want to be a couch potato for the rest of my life.  I hated the gym, and I knew that the only way I was going to get it to work for me was with a trainer. Luckily I met Erin, and all of a sudden going to the gym became something I looked forward to.  Erin makes working out fun - she has great energy, a super positive upbeat attitude, and she's really good at tailoring workouts to your specific needs. I would give her 10 stars if Yelp let me!

— Rhoda, Fitness & Performance

Erin is incredibly knowledgeable, upbeat and fun! I feel like she really takes the time to study my own particular strengths and weaknesses and plans workouts accordingly. I came to her with an interest in getting back into running and I couldn’t have found a better coach. I have never worked with a trainer who is so conscientious and responsive! In just a few sessions I already feel stronger.

— Meagan Nye, Performance and Running

Before I worked with Erin, I worked with many other fitness instructors who were excellent in their profession and great human beings. I eventually landed up with Erin more because my schedule fit hers even though I was sad to not being able to work with my previous gym just across the street SF Iron. That sadness didn't last long.From day one I could tell that Erin had a more holistic approach towards workout. When I joined her all I cared for was to gain muscles and look more toned. After few sessions with Erin I realized that I was focussed merely on the result while the real gains were in following the process.

Erin was superb in understanding me and what I required. She made me understand that I am not weak. It's just that over the years I have stopped using some major muscle groups and for me to regain my optimum strength I need to learn how to activate them back again. This was so much more empowering than always working towards "fixing" my weaknesses. I had to stop my session with Erin after couple of months because of personal reasons. But even now I am able to workout on my own and incorporate the training and mindset I inculcated with her. As they say, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. "

— Pawan, Fitness & Performance

In November, I felt lost when it came to working out. I have tried so many fitness classes, but really needed someone and something to keep me accountable and set goals to improve my overall health. I was looking on Google and Yelp for a gym in the area, and stumbled upon Erin. There was nothing but positive, glowing reviews so I shot her an email and set up my first session. Within 5 minutes of meeting Erin, you want to be her friend for life. She has a contagious laugh and is wicked smart, with the ability to personalize to meet you where you are and develop a plan to improve. It's January and I cannot imagine the past few months without Erin, she is the constant reminder that you can do more than you think you can and to slow down and enjoy life. I am forever grateful that she chose this career path and hope others can meet her and build their own success story!

— Christine, Performance and Running

If I could give Erin 10 stars, I would. I started training with her after coming off several injuries and not being able to work out for over a year. Erin has immense knowledge with injury rehab and helping get someone back to where they once were. She takes the time to write out workouts for each client and really thinks about what she is going to do with them for each session. Erin is also extremely motivating, encouraging and caring which makes the process all the more better and makes you look forward to your workouts. I can’t thank Erin enough for all the help she has given me. She truly is an awesome, talented and dedicated trainer!!!

Erin is a fantastic personal trainer! I wanted to get back into long distance running with the goal of completing the San Francisco Marathon this year and connecting with her has been AMAZING! She helped develop a personalized running plan that works for me and our conditioning sessions in the gym are awesome! Erin really knows how to keep the energy up, keep you moving for the duration, and sessions are never boring. She pays close attention to your movements and really knows how to get you to move your body and maximize your workout. No matter what your goal, Erin is super fun to work with, helps develop a plan that works for YOU, and gets you the results you are looking for!

— John, Fitness & Performance

Erin at Wicked Training has helped me improve both physical and mental wellness over the course of this year. She is extremely focused on creating individualized plans and achievable goals all while making the experience fun. Her training techniques and exercises are not only challenging but extremely practical for one's individual goals. It helped me become more confident in forming workout routines, developing lifting techniques, and overall productivity while working out in the gym by myself. Every week I see her I am tested and reminded how far I have developed under her guidance. I think that if you have a goal and you need that little push of confidence, guidance, and reassurance going to Wicked Training SF and seeing Erin would be a wise choice.

— Evan, Fitness & Performance

I can’t say enough how much I enjoy having Erin as my trainer! I only see her once a week but it’s just the kick I need to keep me focused on my overall health and fitness till I see her the next time. Erin is well versed in what she does and keeps it simple! She pays attention to whatever physical ailments or limitations you might have and works around them or works to improve them. Either way, you’ll be very happy with how you feel after!

Erin is an incredible trainer and coach.  We have been working out together for almost four years and I am the most fit I've ever been in my life.  We began with total body fitness, progressed to conditioning for long distance running and now mix it up with a lot of boxing which I absolutely love.  She's an expert in her field and her knowledge of nutrition and overall health has been life-changing for me. Erin is passionate, compassionate and just an all around wonderful human being.  She challenges you in a way that is completely motivating and helps you reach and exceed your goals. I'm beyond thankful for her partnership with my overall fitness and health. She is WICKED amazing and one of the most down to earth, funny and great spirited people you will have the good fortune of meeting. AND all the while, getting and staying healthy and fit!

— Mary, Fitness & Performance

In the last two years, I've had a fractured ankle and a torn ACL. When I asked my physical therapist to recommend a trainer to me who could get me in shape to become a ninja assassin, Erin was the first and only person whom she knew could do the job. With Erin, my path from injury to recovery to strength has been a fun adventure over the last few months. I'm stronger than I've been in years and she has enabled me to push myself outside my comfort zone. My balance has improved and I even learned about homeostasis! I look forward to every session because I know that Erin has prepared a new program for the day, based upon the success or challenge during the last session. My favorite thing about Erin's style is that she is an enthusiastic, encouraging coach and you can feel that she truly loves what she does and the changes she makes in people's lives. I would rate her 10 stars if they allowed it.

— Barbara, Brain-Based Fitness Injury and Performance