Customized Sessions

Why is a running coach a smart addition to your life?
It’s quite simple really. Working with a running coach ensures greater success towards your running goals. Confidently sign up for any race knowing that you have a real person with actual running experience by your side. Your coach is well equipped to answer questions and guide you through all of your training phases. Your coach is available to talk to, email with and even meet in person (depending on which plan you choose). Your running coach will create a plan that fits your life. We’ll build the plan weekly, knowing your work schedule, your lifestyle challenges, how much time you can devote to running and can make modifications for those last minute travel plans or for when you or the kids get sick. Having support increases the likelihood that you’ll stay focused, healthy and injury free. You’ll learn a lot. You’ll have fun. You’ll kick ass!

Why are we different?
The Integrated Movement Condition coaching includes ongoing communication for a flexible schedule and scientifically proven best practices to help you be a better quality runner.  More mileage doesn’t mean a better runner. Quality over quantity. Move better. Have a training schedule that fits your life. Make running simpler and more predictable and you’ll want to run more.  


Benefits of Run Coaching:

  • Customized to your lifestyle

  • Brain-based movement drills

  • Progressive Programming

  • Fun and effective

  • Coaching versus training

  • Nutrition guidance

  • Goal specific

  • Short term and long term plans


Quickstart The Adventurer Slightly Tapped
$99.00 total $109.00 per month +
$59.00 Kickoff
$269.00 per month +
$99.00 Kickoff
Remote coaching with email communication Remote coaching with phone, FaceTime
and email communication
In-Person and Remote Coaching (phone,
FaceTime and email communication, too)
Up to 12 weeks of customized weekly run schedule 3-6 months of custom weekly run schedule modified as needed on a bi-weekly basis 3-6 months of custom weekly run
schedule modified as needed on a weekly basis
5k, 10k, half marathon 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, 50k 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, 50k, 50 Miler, 100k
Basic runners strength program Intermediate runners strength program Custom runners strength program
Basic aerobic/anaerobic program Intermediate aerobic/anaerobic program Custom aerobic/anaerobic program
Basic flexibility/recovery program Intermediate flexibility/recovery program Custom flexibility/recovery program
Bi-weekly email communication with coach Bi-weekly email/phone call check in with coach Weekly email/phone call check in with coach PLUS A Monthly in-person coaching session at Studio
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Coach Erin’s running philosophy?

Everyone should be able to feel the ground under them while being confident that they can move quickly over any terrain without injury. Coach’s least favorite thing to hear is “I ran a marathon/half marathon/ultra/etc and I’ll NEVER DO THAT AGAIN”. That really sucks. We can help you enjoy your run. Really! You could actually like running.

Who can benefit from having a personal running coach?

Everyone can benefit from working with a running coach! Think accountability, safety and success! A coach can get you to your event/race injury free and help you finish your event with a smile on your face. A great coach can teach you a lot so that you don’t need them all the time.

Can you help me with my running gait/form?

Yes, we can! Your running gait is a mix of your overall movement with dysfunctions included. A dysfunctional movement pattern creates really bad running form. Really bad running form increases your chance of injury, can make you tired faster and can make you hate running. Choose the Slightly Tapped program to work on improving your gait.



“Erin always cared and kept me accountable. For my 50K, at least half of what Erin integrated into my training program (I'm talking strength, recovery, nutrition, understanding of ancillary exercises, awareness, safety of specific trails!) were all brand new to me. That was incredibly valuable. She is also very accessible as a remote coach…” - Melissa; NYC Marathon 2018; Cool 50k Ultra-Marathon 2018)

“I've never thought of myself as a runner. Up until 6 months ago, I had never comfortably run more than 3 miles. With Erin's encouragement, I decided to sign up for a half marathon. Erin supported me so much through the training process and even taught me that running can be fun when done right! “ - Christine

“I was so impressed. Eringave me a bullet proof plan to get in shape, get trained, and get competitive in 10 weeks. The plan was adaptive, combining stretching, distance, hill work, recovery growing with each week.” - Jason